Reference link collections (part 2)

Here are two of the more interesting specialized link collections.  Martindale’s Reference Desk has an unusual collection of links with a strong emphasis on science and technology. Subject categories include cyberinfrastructure and the Internet, agriculture, livestock, engineering, astronomy, chemistry, geosciences, materials science, physics, mathematics, archeology, aeronautics, maritime, languages, and health sciences. The site also links to over 23,000 online calculators. Deborah Lawson’s Historical Research Page is a great site.  Subject categories include many different periods of history, maps, money, weapons, clothing and accessories, transportation and travel, food and drink, etiquette, language and slang, government, law, occupations, inventions and technology, postal history, crime, sexuality and marriage, household matters, religion, medicine and illness, the military, architecture, diaries and letters, historical newspapers and magazines, and advertising.

Update, 8/12/10: Deborah Lawson’s Historical Research Page has been offline for many months now. I’m trying to find out what happened, and I’ll post if I learn anything useful. Here’s the link to the Internet Archive’s October 2007 archived version of her page. If you put your cursor over her links, you should be able to see their web addresses, but don’t be surprised if many of the links are dead.


6 responses to “Reference link collections (part 2)

  1. You’ve got a typo in the link to D. Lawson’s page.. Here’s the corrected URL:

    Thanks! It’s a nice resource.

  2. Deborah Lawson’s link isn’t working. Is this it?

  3. lisagoldresearch

    Sorry about that. The link in the post has now been fixed. Thank you for telling me.

  4. I’m so excited to see you have a blog! I will take great pleasure in following your adventures.

    (I was at Clarion West this year — the totally geeky girl who got horribly excited at your presentation :).)

  5. lisagoldresearch

    Hi, Maggie! It’s great to hear from you. I just started my blog a few days ago, and thanks to Cory, a scary number of people found out about it today.

    — Lisa

  6. I posted a link from this post over on — the reactions range from glee to outright drooling. Looking forward to more good stuff.