1000 Novels

This week the Guardian newspaper’s website has been publishing a series called “1000 novels everyone must read.”

The books are briefly described and appear in lists divided by category (science fiction & fantasy, state of the nation, family & self, comedy, crime, love, war & travel). There are also special lists within each category, such as the best novels about madness, the best dystopias, etc.

I’ve only just started to browse my way through the series, but already I like the fact that I’m seeing books from the 17th through the 20th centuries.

My thanks to Cheryl Morgan for pointing the way.

Update: The Guardian has posted an explanation of how the books were chosen, and they compiled the titles into one long list for easier browsing. They are also accepting reader nominations of books left off the list.

6 responses to “1000 Novels

  1. Thanks for passing that one on, Lisa. I shall smurch it for my own blog:-)

  2. um…no ulysses?
    no tolkien?

  3. lisagoldresearch

    Joyce’s Ulysses is on the list (in the Family & Self category), as are Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (in the Science Fiction & Fantasy category).

  4. sorry i was looking at the reviews pages and they don’t include all of the texts…thanks

  5. lisagoldresearch

    The Guardian certainly did a poor job of organizing their lists. You shouldn’t have to hunt through multiple lists to find a particular book description, and their category assignments are puzzling. They should add links to their “definitive list” so you can read the description by clicking on a title. Better yet, they should create a master list with all of the books listed in alphabetical order by author (regardless of their category) with links to their descriptions.

  6. Yes indeed. While the little synopses were interesting and useful, I’d like to see the resource re-organised with an index by author>book title.