Are you a Bad Monkey?

“So in your job with Bad Monkeys,” the doctor asks, “what is it you do? Punish evil people?”

“No. Usually we just kill them.”

My husband, Matt Ruff, has just announced via his blog that the movie rights have been optioned for his most recent novel, Bad Monkeys. (WOOT!)

You can read more about the book (including the first chapter, reviews, and Q&A) on the Bad Monkeys page of Matt’s website.


3 responses to “Are you a Bad Monkey?

  1. Excellent news! I hope the process is as smooth as cream.

  2. Great news…I absolutely love the book! I’m already imagining the cast. Christopher Walken’s got to have at least a cameo.

  3. It was about time, wasn’t it? I hope these Filmmakers will take their job seriously, because it’s such a great book.