Seattle’s snow leopard kittens will make their debut on August 15th

The two snow leopard kittens born on Memorial Day at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo will make their public debut August 15th on International Snow Leopard Day. For those who can’t be there, here’s the cover of the zoo’s magazine, which came in the mail a couple of days ago:

snow leopard cover

The zoo occasionally posts photos of them on its blog and videos on its YouTube channel. The most recent video was of their medical exam at six weeks:

It looks like there’s been a snow leopard baby boom this summer– the ZooBorns site has photos of the twins born at the Toronto Zoo and the single cubs born at Utah’s Hogle Zoo and Tierpark Berlin.

UPDATE: On August 20th the zoo blog posted a new video of the snow leopards exploring their exhibit:

One response to “Seattle’s snow leopard kittens will make their debut on August 15th

  1. These kittens are gorgeous as little guys and, having watched more than a few animal shows on TV, I know they will grow to be magnificent agile adults. Their athletic ability and confidence is something amazing to watch in action as they almost plunge down a cliff face in pursuit of prey.